Domestic Violence? Arrested? Fort Lauderdale? Pompano Beach?

Were you arrested and accused of  domestic violence? Did s simple spat put you in Jail? I have defended domestic violence charges in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Hollywood, Deerfield Beach, Oakland Park and anyplace in Broward County. I have been doing this for over 20 years.

Fort Lauderdale Domestic Violence Charges?

Domestic violence charges can result in charges for  battery, assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and in certain circumstances  sexual abuse. You will have to remain  in jail without bond until you speak with the Fort Lauderdale  judge.

I Was Arrested For Domestic Violence In Fort Lauderdale. What Does This Mean Exactly?

If you were arrested and charged with domestic violence in Fort Lauderdale it means that you did something or  posed a threat to  your  spouse, relationship partner, live-in companion, or other family member that caused them to fear for their safety.

EMS Responded To The Call

If law enforcement officers and EMT  responded to the  domestic violence call  it  was because you  may have  injured the person who made the call. They are required to make an arrest. The person who has any injury on their body is  the victim and the other person is arrested for domestic violence. That spat just got out of control a bit.

I Was Charged With Domestic Violence In Fort Lauderdale

If you are charged with domestic violence in Fort Lauderdale, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. This will depend on the severity of the domestic violence offense.

Other Things Can Happen As Well

You can spend time in jail.
Be forced to do community service.
Have to get counseling.
May have to pay of fines and court costs.
May have to attend an anger management training.

You May Also Have Imposed On You
A “No contact” condition that prohibits you from seeing the  victim.
A “No return” condition that prohibits you from being able to enter your own home.

Domestic Violence  Cannot Be Expunged From Your Record

This  domestic violence charge cannot be “expunged” from your arrest record.

Other Penalties For A Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Conviction In Fort Lauderdale

  • One year supervised probation,
  • $1000 maximum fine,
  • up to one year in jail,
  • limited visitation rights to see the victim,
  • 6 months participation in a batterers’ intervention program.

You need to get  an experienced domestic violence  defense attorney  right away.

I May be ABLE TO

File a bond for your release.
Interview the victim and any other witnesses for your defense.
Find out if the victim has changed their mind regarding the incident and are willing to drop the charges.
Get you back into your home
File a “Declination of Prosecution”  to drop the charges against you.
Keep in mind  that even if the victim drops the domestic violence claim against you, in Fort Lauderdale, the state attorney has to be willing to drop the charges. That is why we need to talk and get things going right away. I have helped dozens just like you. Put my 20 years of domestic violence defense in Broward to work for you.