Florida Federal Criminal Appeals Lawyer, Federal Appellate Lawyer

Call the Law Office of Guy Seligman for an experienced Florida Federal Criminal Appeals lawyer. The federal criminal appeals process is very complex.

When you contact our federal criminal  law office our first step after reviewing your case  will be to  file a notice of federal criminal appeal. appeal. You have only 14 days to file a notice of federal criminal appeal. Do not wait to file.

We will file the notice of appeal and continue the process of  helping you with your federal criminal appeal. This  begins appeal process which  is the first way in which a federal criminal defendant who has been convicted of a crime, either after a guilty plea or a trial, may challenge a conviction or sentence. A defendant's conviction is not final until it has been affirmed on direct appeal.

Federal criminal procedure is a very complicated  process . An experienced criminal defense attorney will be needed to proceed with the plea hearing which  will be  presented to  the federal appeals court to ask for a second chance at trial or at sentencing.

Is it easy to win a federal criminal appeal ? No it is not but,  with an experienced lawyer on your side you have a chance of winning a federal criminal appeal.

You have only days to file an appeal, and it can make a difference for the rest of your life. Contact  for a federal criminal appeals lawyer today. This is the law office of Guy Seligman and I will be Your federal criminal appeals lawyer.