Fort Lauderdale Drug Crimes Lawyer

Juvenile Lawyer For Drug Crimes

Has your son or daughter been arrested for drugs? It is often hard for a parent to believe that their son or daughter is involved with drugs and even more shocking to find out your child was arrested for selling drugs to other children at school. He or she maybe be underage but, 16 year olds are  not the 16 year olds of your day. Life is moving fast for youngsters and they are growing up quickly. Yet, the still have the "in the now" attitude of children. You maybe upset thinking the police harrassed him but, you may end up being thankful your child was saved an damaging future as a drug dealer.

As a child they will be treated as a juvenile and hopefully, not an adult. But, if they get "really good at this" down the line and get caught, they may have years of jail time mandatory sentencing. The various arrests include those for use, solicitation, possession, or sale of any controlled substance. This includes prescription drugs. Drug crimes are  pursued aggressively by the state and federal courts and the local Ft Lauderdale State Attorney's office. Drug  charges require an experienced and skilled criminal lawyer on your  loved one's  side to ensure the best possible outcome. Children as young as 11 and 12 are  arrested for drug dealing including  girls.

Guy Seligman has a long history of representing people of all ages  who are facing drug charges. Fort Lauderdale drug crime lawyer, Guy Seligman is here to help you 24 hrs, 7 days.  Let's look at the circumstances surrounding the arrest, the specific charges and putting together the right defense today.