Fort Lauderdale Drugs Defense Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer Guy Seligman Defends All Drug Charges

I help people arrested on all drug charges. Don't let a conviction for a drug crime ruin your life. If you have been arrested in Broward County on a drug charge call me for fast and  responsive  help you can count on.

What Is A Drug Crime In Fort Lauderdale?

A drug crime includes the possession, use, sale or distribution of illegal substances including: cocaine, marijuana, crack, PCP, ecstasy, heroin, pain  or prescription medications.  The result for you can be probation, prison time, property forfeiture or  a court-ordered drug treatment program.  If there are prior convictions or other crimes involved the penalties can be pretty bad.

Drug Charges are a Serious Matter and Call For A Serious Defense

I have successfully defended drug charges including:

  • Drug possession charges,
  • Drug possession with intent charges ,
  • Drug manufacturing charges ,
  • Drug trafficking charges,
  • Drug paraphernalia charges,
  • Drug cultivation charges,
  • Drug distribution charges,
  • Fraudulant prescriptions

Call me without hesitation.

I am a  local Criminal Defense Attorney you can trust for your drug crime defense.