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Do You Need a Fort Lauderdale Juvenile Defense Lawyer For Your Child?

if your child is arrested for underage drinking he or she may be faced with juvenile detention, judge appointment to a juvenile detention facility, counseling, probation or just a reprimand. Your role with a minor being arrested for search a charge may be questioned as well. There are serious consequences here and the future balance of your family is at stake. You will need a juvenile defense lawyer who has experience with a good kid straying off the track.  We can hope it will just be a first time incident but, if there are priors we have more concerns. As a parent it will be expected by the court that you will watch out for your child. If  there have been prior incidents an underage alcoholic may come into question. This may lead to the court demanding a psychological evaluation and social work intervention in the household. You may be facing some issues with child protective services as well. You will need a serious criminal defense .

Broward County believes that strict underage drinking laws may deter delinquency in teens.

I am presenting the article below as a resource for parents to review and understand what an under age drinking arrest means for your child.

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 29 (HealthDay News) — Strict enforcement of underage drinking laws reduces the odds that teenagers will commit alcohol-related crimes as adults, a new study suggests.

State lawmakers have relied heavily on the enforcement of these zero-tolerance laws — known as possession of alcohol under the legal age laws — to control minors' access to alcohol, researchers found.

They compiled information on young people aged 15 to 24 from the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports from 1975 to 2006. Those who were governed by zero-tolerance underage drinking laws were arrested less often for vandalism and assault than those who were not subjected to strict enforcement.

"These findings have important potential implications for public policy," study authors Chris Barnum, Nick Richardson and Robert Perfetti said in a news release. "If tough enforcement of underage drinking by 15- to 20-year-olds has an enduring impact on behavior, then law enforcement's efforts in imposing underage possession laws may be instrumental in reducing both adolescent and subsequent adult drinking and intoxication."

The study, which appeared Feb. 23 in the journal SAGE Open, suggested that the public arrest of those who are underage for possession of alcohol serves as a deterrent for other teens.

"Young people who are caught and punished for underage possession are less likely to drink in the future than others, and the example of their punishment also serves as a disincentive for their peers," the researchers concluded.

With this in mind we can well understand  what the court's position may be. Contact me. I will be happy to help. I am Guy Seligmam and I am ready to be your child's juvenile defense lawyer.