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Guy Seligman  is Your Local Fort Lauderdale Lawyer  for Florida Medical Marijuana

Medical and Recreational Marijuana is illegal  in Fort Lauderdale under  Federal Law. But, the Department of Justice has issued guidance to  State Attorneys so that they do not to prosecute individuals and businesses operating in compliance with  Florida Marijuana State Laws.
A Constitutional Amendment legalizing Medical Marijuana is on the Ballot and it looks like it will pass.   The Amendment has been approved by the Supreme Court of Florida and when passed will be the Fort Lauderdale Medical Marijuana freedom.The  Florida State Senators and State Representatives have placed multiple Bills before the Florida Legislature to legalize Medical Marijuana, Recreational Marijuana and low THC high CBD Marijuana.

Fort Lauderdale business owners will be interested in obtaining Licenses to operate legal Medical Marijuana operations   in compliance with this  law when it passes.  Guy Seligman will be providing  local mmedical marijuana legal help.

If  you being investigated with or charged with violating drug laws because of your medical marijuana dispensary call me.  Do not speak to the police or to a prosecutor without a local  attorney present. Hire a medical marijuana attorney.

With the help of a medical marijuana lawyer like Guy Seligman  Fort Lauderdale citizens that sell medical marijuana can have proper representation when they face opposition and prosecution from local  law enforcement officials. You need a lawyer who  knows the laws and will help a business or medical facility fight for their rights. Legal patients who stay within the guidelines are supposed to be protected from being  arrest.

The final draft of the Bill may be found here:

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