Aggressive Affordable Fort Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer

Arrested in Fort Lauderdale? Accused of a crime? Need aggressive affordable crinminal defense? Call Guy Seligman. He has been Defending the arrested in Fort Lauderdale  for over 3 decases.

He is  Fort Lauderdale  criminal defense Attorney.

Have you been  criminally charged? 

Call  Guy Seligman  for an Aggressive Criminal Defense.  I will  defend your legal rights and take care of all aspects of your criminal case including : 

  • Criminal Defense,
  • Investigation,
  • Court Appearances.

Finding the right criminal  attorney is the most important decision you can  make. The outcomes can vary depending on who you hire.

This  criminal case is not just any criminal case, it’s your arrest. This is your criminal case and your life and future is on the line.

I have experience in defending:

 Federal Criminal Defense

Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Securities Fraud, Government Fraud & Enforcement (Government Contract / Procurement Fraud), Health Care Fraud, Regulatory Matters (Export Controls & Regulations), Environmental Matters, Banking & Financial Institutions, (FCPA) Political Corruption, Pornography, Internet Crimes, Loan Modification Fraud, Medical Practice  Arrests,  Corportate Investigations & Compliance, Federal Drug or any Federal Charges.

State Criminal Defense

Theft, Embezzlement, DUI, License Suspensions, Vehiclular Homicide,  Narcotics, Domestic Violence, Juvenile, Sex Crimes, Firearms, Probation Violations, Expungements , Domestic Violence, Parole,  and all criminal  charges.

Call me now and let's get started defending your criminal charges.