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Guy Seligman is a Fort Lauderdale lawyer that has been helping people with suspended licenses for almost 3 decades. Guy is available 24 hrs, 7days and is experienced in dealing with all aspects of license restoration. Guy has maintained his criminal defense and suspended license, drivers license restoration law office in downtown Fort Lauderdale for over 20 years at the same location.

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What is most important to understand is that driving with a suspended license in Florida is a serious crime punishable by prison time.  In this economy many people allow tickets to mount up. Not paying tickets can result in a suspended license.

Some Things You Need To Know

If you  owe court costs or fines- They MUST be paid and we can’t and won’t pay them for you.  If you already owe the courts and can’t pay them and are looking for a license in the meantime  you cant get one till you pay

1. Are you new to Florida? Is your license suspended in another state?You will not be able to get a Florida drivers licenseThere is a National Driver Register (NDR) and the Driver License Compact. These are data basis that will tell Florida that your license is suspended in another state

2.  If you are stopped while driving with a suspended license yiu can be faced with  misdemeanor or  felony charges.
You will need an experienced suspended license lawyer.

3. You may be able to obtain a restricted license


If you need more assistance with obtaining a hardship license contact the Law Office of Guy Seligman to reinstate your license.


If You are Labeled A Habitual Traffic Offender

Your license is suspended for five years.
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