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First Time Offense in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County? Call Criminal Defense Attorney Guy Seligman.

Guy is an experienced attorney for first time offenders. 25+ Years of Experience in Broward County!

Guy J. Seligman   is your criminal and DUI defense lawyer.

If you have never been arrested or charged with a crime, being arrested can be a frightening, stressful and embarrassing situation. Are you wondering what the criminal justice system has in store for you? Let the Criminal defense Law Office of Guy Seligman answer these questions. We use your lack of a criminal record to work for you.  We have 25 years of experience working with first time offenders in Florida.  Our criminal defense team has developed relationships with State Attorneys, prosecutors and various officials in Broward County, Fort Lauderdale.

Guy Seligman and his legal team has handled hundreds of cases for first time criminal offenders in Fort Lauderdale. Many of our criminal cases result in dismissals, nolle proses or acquittals. However, your criminal offense and the number of offenses for which you are charged will have an effect on the outcome. Because you are a first time offender there are more options available to you. We can answer your questions and help you understand your options.

If you are a first time offender It is Imperative to choose a criminal defense lawyer wisely and quickly.

Given time and the opportunity we can meet with pre-filing prosecutors prior to the arraignment (formal filing of the charges) to discuss your situation. Your first-time offender status can  work to your advantage and may result in preventing the filing of the criminal charges and in reducing felony charges to misdemeanors. The faster you hire a criminal defense lawyer, the faster we can go to work and attempt to convince the prosecution that this is, in fact, a onetime arrest and that you are not a habitual offender. We cannot impress upon you more strongly, the need to intervene quickly. If you do not move quickly  the prosecution may proceed in filing the charges for which the police arrested you.  Perhaps we can throw in the curve ball right away. We cannot do this unless we have time on our side.

Other options and considerations include:

Pre-trial Intervention and Pre Trial Diversion Programs

These programs are offered in misdemeanor and in simple felony cases. You may be asked to perform community service hours, drug testing, an anger management class or a values class. When you complete the program successfully, the State of Florida will nolle pros (dismiss) all the charges against you.  When this has been done you will be able to expunge your record.  No one will ever know you were arrested.

Plea Bargaining

Your clean record will help when negotiations are done on your behalf.  Our goal will be to get a withhold adjudication. This prevents you from having a convicted felony on your record and losing your civil liberties. This also entitles you to have your records sealed. When your records are sealed employers or friends will not be able to find out about your past criminal arrest. and criminal charges. You can still end up with a short term of probation and minimal conditions.

Trial by jury or judge is the final potential outcome but, this is a first offense and Guy Seligman is a skilled criminal defense trial lawyer. He will use this to his every advantage.

Helping first time offenders Arrested for:

  • Traffic and DUI or DWI charges
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Driving While Impaired (DWI)
  • Drug Crimes and Offenses
  • Trafficking
  • Possession for sale
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Cultivation
  • Possession for personal use
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Domestic Violence
  • White Collar Crimes & Fraud
  •  Sex Crimes including rape charges, lewd acts, child pornography, indecent exposure and internet sex crimes.
  • Criminal Defense of Weapons, Guns & Violent Crimes
  • Domestic Violence

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