Arrested In Fort Lauderdale For Domestic Violence? Accused Of Domestic Battery?

Arrested For Domestic Violence Or  Non-Domestic Battery

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer For  Domestic Violence And   Non-Domestic Battery

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Domestic Violence Criminal Charges In Ft Lauderdale

Get The Facts

The  victim pressing the charges  cannot drop charges in Ft Lauderdale.The State Attorney is the only one that can drop the charges

You Can Be Faced With

Jail Time if there were injuries to the victim,
A Permanent Criminal Record. The records cannot be sealed or expunged.
You can be deported
Mandatory Counseling.

You need to speak to an experienced domestic violence criminal defense lawyer right away.

What Is  Domestic Violence In Ft Lauderdale Or Broward County?

Domestic violence cna be a range of criminal charges related to  a violent act by one family member against another.

Assault or Battery,
False Imprisonment or Kidnapping,
Sexual Battery or Rape,
Any act resulting in physical injury or death.

What Are The Broward County Penalties for Domestic Violence?

 Domestic Violence charges in Broward County   carry the following extra  penalties.

Minimum Mandatory Jail Time of Five (5) days in Jail,
Mandatory 26-29 Week Batterers Intervention Program,
Ineligible to ever be Sealed or Expunged from your criminal record,
Forfeit your right to have a gun while on probation, even for a misdemeanor, and
Your concealed weapons permit will be revoked.

We Can Help You With Your Defenses For The  Domestic Violence- Battery Charge

You May Have To Agree To  Counseling

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