Caught Driving With a Suspended License, 24 hr Criminal Lawyer

It is a holiday weekend, or any weekend in Ft Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Hollywood or Deerfield Beach. You have a suspended license. Or maybe you are just taking a chance that they have not suspended your license yet. You decide you are not going to miss this party night.

Behind you you hear the sounds of  sirens. You pull over. By now you are clenching your teeth and you know it is coming. YOU  have just been arrested for driving with a suspended license. Maybe you are  in Ft Lauderdale visiting and your license is suspended in another state? You think you will be just fine. But, there is this great big data base and it know who you are anyplace.

Maybe you are driving drunk and get arrested for a DUI or this is the last round of points. Your license is suspended now. Every driving with a suspended license citation is serious because it can lead to habitual traffic offender status. Call Guy Seligman your 24 hr driving with a suspended license charges. We are ready to help. You can consider  us your "now you have been arrested' lawyer.

When you’ve been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) in FT Lauderdale,you will lose your driver’s license. In Ft Lauderdale a  DUI is a serious offense.  Florida law demands a six-month suspension for anyone who has been arrested on DUI charges.

A driver license can be suspended or revoked for:

  •     Points suspension,
  •     Failure to pay child support,
  •     Failure to pay tickets,
  •     Failure to pay judgment,
  •     Failure to appear in court,
  •     Habitual traffic offender,
  •     Conviction for drug or theft offense,
  •     Conviction for certain prostitution offenses,
  •     DUI offenses, Drunk driving, Driving while intoxicated,
  •     judgements filed

Guy Seligman has represented people who are arrested and ticketed for Driving While License Suspended for over 20 years in Broward County, Ft Lauderale Florida.

he will explain to you the defenses available to you to  fight this charge.  he has had  great success in the past reinstating  drivers licenses and restoring driving privileges.

Florida Law specifically states that if  you are charged three (3) times in a five (5) year period it will result in an HTO suspension.

I can be reached 24 hrs.7 days to help you with any criminal charge. Let my years of experience in Ft Lauderdale go to work for you.


I have helped many people over the years with very complex situations  and all sorts related problems such as:

  •     Habitual traffic offender suspensions,
  •     first time offenders,
  •     Truckers who need to get a CDL License,
  •     CDL Suspensions and revocations,
  •     Reversal of court imposed suspension,
  •     Professionals who need their drivers license back,
  •     Police officers, lawyers,Doctors
  •     Drug charge suspensions,
  •     Removal of warrants,
  •     Insurance suspensions,
  •     Arrested for no insurance
  •     Arrested for a DUI
  •     Record sealing, expunged,