Charged With Manufacturing Drugs In Fort Lauderdale

Where You Arrested For Manufacturing Drugs In Fort Lauderdale?

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What Is The Law?

The manufacturing  of any drug narcotic or controlled substances, is strictly prohibited in Fort Lauderdale. This includes growing marijuana or making methamphetamine or any controlled substance.

Charged With Manufacturing?

You have been caught  creating an illegal drug or assisting  in the drug manufacturing process.

Charged With Distributing Materials?

You have been caught supplying chemicals, chemical mixtures, components, or materials to be used to make illegal drugs.

Charged With Cultivation?

You have been caught  cultivating plants that produce controlled substances. This includes Marijauna in the state of Florida right now.

Charged With Possession Of Illegal Supplies?

Having the chemical components, manufacturing equipment, or other devices involved in the manufacturing of illicit drugs can result in criminal charges for manufacturing.

Fort Lauderdale Criminal Penalties

Broward County manufacturing penalties usually include  prison sentences and  fines possible at the state or federal level. Drug manufacturing is a  felony.

What Can Happen To Me If I Am Charged With Manufacturing Illicit Substances?


There are Increased sentences for specific amounts and drug types

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Drug manufacturing charges are extremely serious, and being convicted can mean  years in prison. Being charged and convicted of drug manufacturing can ruin your life. You need to act now