Criminal and DUI Defense for Professionals, Doctors, Pilots, Health Care

If you are a professional accused of a crime your professional license may be at stake. You will need quick aggressive criminal defense and a followup keeping your record clean. Call the law off of Guy Seligman 954 760-7600 If you are a professional arrested for a DUI you must protect your reputation and your professional license. Florida DUI Laws are complicated. As a physicians, nurse, teacher, pilot, stock broker, banker, veterinarian, x-ray technicians, or other professional you are at risk of having a case which can potentially impact your license to practice in your profession. Individuals who hold positions of trust, such as police officers, fire fighters and commercial truck drivers will be presented with specific issues requiring special consideration and close attention. Criminal arrests are upsetting to everyone but can be particularly problematic for financial and securities professionals because of the possible employment and license consequences. Brokers, traders, bankers, financial advisers, and other financial professionals can have a serious problems on  hands. Pilots are prohibited from performing crew member duties within 8 hours after drinking any alcoholic beverage or while under the influence of alcohol. You will need an experienced defense lawyer on your side. Call us. Time is of the essence