Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, Suspended License, Expungement for Pilots, Captains, Truckers, Doctors, Nurses and Professionals

Is having something negative on your driving history stopping you from getting your professional license? Our skilled expungement and license reinstatement lawyers are here to help. A criminal conviction can affect an individual during the licensure or certification process.

Are you a medical professional, pilot, trucker or ship captain arrested for a DUI ? You can lose your license.

Loss or suspension of a professional license, such as a medical doctor, nurse, pharmacist, lawyer, dentist, accountant or engineer can affect the offender as well as the people who are dependent on him or her. Authorities across the state of Florida   review court records, run fingerprint checks and investigate complaints. Professionals without clean records face license revocation or suspension. If you want to be a doctor, dentist, or some other professional they are going to look seriously at your criminal background and how it relates to your job.

Administrative Disqualification Law For Professional Drivers

    First Disqualification for Driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle With an Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level (.04 or above): 1 year disqualification
    driving a motor vehicle while he or she is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance: 1 year disqualification
    First Disqualification for Refusal to Submit to Breath, Urine or Blood Test Arising from the Operation of a Commercial Motor Vehicle: 1-year disqualification

    Second or Subsequent Disqualification for Refusal to Submit to Breath, Urine, or Blood Test Arising from the Operation of a Commercial Motor Vehicle: permanently disqualified.

    Second or Subsequent Disqualification of driving a motor vehicle while he or she is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance: Permanently disqualification

    The disqualification is effective immediately upon refusal of the breath, urine or blood test or determination that the driver has a blood alcohol level of .08 or above, while operating or in actual physical control of a commercial motor vehicle. The officer will issue the driver a temporary permit which is valid for 10 days from the date of arrest or disqualification, provided the driver is otherwise eligible. However, the permit does not authorize the operation of a commercial motor vehicle for the first 24 hours of disqualification.

The USCG Captain's license requirements and a DUI or Felony, USCG  Cap United States Coast Guard Shieldtain's License

!. You must be free of any DWI, BUI, or felony conviction for 3 years in-order to even apply for a Captain's license.

2. You will loose your license if convicted of a DWI or BUI, or felony.

 A DUI conviction can also could affect the ability of a boat operator to obtain a captain's license through the US Coast Guard. Any boater, who takes on paying passengers, must obtain an "OUPV" license from the US Coast Guard. The license is commonly referred to as a "6-pack" charter boat captain's license because it allows the captain to have a maximum of 6 paying passengers. However, many people seek to obtain a captain's license even if they don't intend to ever take on paying passengers. Rather, obtaining a captain's license can be fueled by the desire to sharpen their boating skills or to qualify for self-chartered boat rentals.

Gettting Pilots License with a Criminal Conviction

According to FAA regulations for a pilots license, you can receive a plane license (certificate) even if you have a felony conviction on record.  However, in cases where the conviction is for an alcohol or drug offense, you cannot apply for a license within one year of your last offense.   Alcohol and drug-related offenses under the Code of Federal Regulations 61.15 include "growing, processing, manufacture, sale, disposition, possession, transportation, or importation of narcotic drugs, marijuana, or depressant or stimulant drugs or substances" as well as operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a drug or alcohol.  Additionally, if you are convicted of a drug or alcohol-related felony after you have received your aircraft license, the FAA can either suspend or revoke your certificate up to one year after the conviction.  In this case, you are required to submit a written report of each motor vehicle action no later than 60 days after the action.

Medical Professionals and DUI

Positions of trust, such as doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, can suffer the loss or suspension of a practicing license for a single misdemeanor DUI violation.
The following medical professions can be affected by  a DUI conviction on your record

  •     Doctors
  •     Surgeons
  •     Nurses
  •     Dentists
  •     Medical specialists

Recovering a lost license can be a troublesome, lengthy legal procedure. In some cases, these license recovery cases fail, leaving that individual without the legal right to practice their profession at all. Given the time and expense associated with medical training, this can prove devastating to any medical practitioner.

If you are trying to enter medical school or obtain a license for a career having a DUI conviction on your record or being charged with a felony can end it right then and there. Contact the Law Office of Guy Seligman to see if a record expungement can help.