Criminal Lawyer Defends College Students Arrested In Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale criminal lawyer with over 3 decades experience in criminal defense, DUI defense, suspended licenses,criminal appeals,  and drivers license reinstatement is available 24/7 to help college students arrested.

Down in Broward for school? Away from home and ready to party? A little too much fun in the sun and now you are apart of the Broward County Corrections rooster? Well, perhaps I can help. My experience and skills as a criminal lawyer is helpling first time offenders. DUI charges, misdemaenors, and  suspended licenses are all arrests I have seen over and over and defended for college students having too much fun in Broward county. I know this is frightening for you and I know you really do not want to be calling the folks back home for help. Let me try to make it a bit easier on you.

 PRLog (Press Release) – Oct 26, 2012 – The season is here again and college in the sunshine state is in full swing. With that comes students from different states here in Fort Lauderdale. Many are  in Broward County attending college for the first time. Fort Lauderdale is the party town for students attending college and visiting on school breaks. They are away from their home with a new found freedom and according to Seligman, "Unfortunately they sometimes go a little overboard and get arrested. These are good young adults who are now worried and frightened especially about being thrown out of school. They have serious career goals and serious dreams and need some guidance and help fast. That is why we have launched a special 24hr hotline for students who get arrested." Guy has been a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for almost three decades and has experience in all aspects of criminal law. We were impressed with the efficiency and knowledge of his staff and the genuine concern for these young folks in trouble for the first time.

 Guy has put in place a special hot line for students, "They need to get help fast," says Seligman, who has a special interest in first time offenders. "We want them back in class not in jail in a strange town. Many will need to call their folks back home for help".

Guy offers immediate response and help defending students for all criminal charges, DUI and suspended license charges. "Some come here with their license already suspended and do not realize there is a way for Florida police to know that".

 Guy continues, "For a student attending college or vocational school, a criminal conviction for certain offenses can destroy their eligibility to receive federal and state loans, grants and work study programs. This can be serious and put an end to a dream and career. We are here and ready to help".

 Guy explains, "They  may not know the laws of Florida, and more importantly, what to do if you are alone here  attending college. There is nothing more frightening than being in another state and not knowing who to turn to. We work closely with schools and colleges, as well as local police departments and courts, to ensure that students will be able to avail themselves of the many first time offender opportunities available to  prevent  them from getting a criminal record. As an experienced criminal lawyer with years of experience working with first time offenders I know there are options. Very often  young first time offenders will be given  the ability to correct their behavior without getting a criminal record. Our phones are answered 24hrs".

 If your son or daughter is arrested while attending college here in Broward County, call their 24hr hotline.

I am here ready to help you 24/7 so give me a call and let's see if we can get you back to class again.