Don’t Drink and Drive, You May get Arrested for A DUI

Do not spend the day in the Fort Lauderdale, Broward County jail. Do not Drink and drive. How can you avoid  getting arrested for a DUI ? Going Out Partying ?

  •  Dial 911 if you see a suspected drunk driver on the road
  •  Don’t drink and drive yourself
  •  Take advantage of the MTA or AAA DUI prevention programs.
  •  Call a Taxi
  •  Use the river Taxi
  • Have a designated driver.
  •  Don’t let the  Broward County Sheriff  be your designated driver!
  •  Don’t welcome the New Year in jail!

Along with all your  weekend party planning Fort Lauderdale State Police  and the Law office of Guy Seligman wants to remind everyone to have a designated driver, or plan to stay over if you are drinking. This year they will be patrolling highways, and will have several D.U.I. checkpoints set-up throughout  Broward County and Fort Lauderdale.  Under Florida law, Broward County law enforcement  must publicize the checkpoints in advance. The Broward County Sheriffs Office says:

DUI checkpoints  are always out there   In an effort to keep county roadways safer during the holiday period, Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies will conduct DUI checkpoint operations on This information is published to comply with a Supreme Court ruling mandating prior annoucement of selective enforcement activities. BSO reminds drivers that alcohol and driving do not mix. If alcohol is part of your holiday celebration, appoint a designated driver or arrange for alternate transportation. Guy Seligman has been a DUI defense lawyer in Broward County Florida for over  20 yrs.  According to Guy "You do not want to get picked up for a DUI in Broward on a party night." Just getting processed through jail could take a day or two. But, these things do happen.  If you are arrested for a DUI in Broward County call the law Office of Guy Seligman. You will need the full 23 years experience behind you to defend your drunk driving charges.