Drug Lawyer Defends Drug Arrests, Ft Lauderdale Criminal Defense Drug Lawyer

Summer is here in Ft Lauderdale and the drug arrests are heating up. Have you been arrested for drugs in ft Lauderdale Florida.? Contact a premier drug defense lawyer. Guy Seligman has been defending people arrested for drugs in Broward County since 1980.

Have you been arrested for Drugs in Ft Lauderdale Florida. Hire an Experienced Drug criminal lawyer with almost 2 decades experience. If you have been arrested for Drugs in Ft Lauderdale you need an experienced drug crime lawyer.
Guy Seligman is an experienced Ft Lauderdale Criminal lawyer who will defend against drug crimes including:

Possession of CDS with intent to distribute,
Possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS),
Possession of marijuana,
Possession of ecstasy,
Possession of heroin,
Possession of cocaine,
Possession of methamphetamine,
Distribution of CDS in a public park,
Distribution of CDS in a school zone, drug lawyer
Employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme,
Drug trafficking , Manufacture or cultivation, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin
Prescription drug offenses ,Oxycontin (aka Oxycodone), prescription drug abuse

Experienced Drug lawyer for

  • possession of marijuana.,
  • federal and state drug charges,
  • Controlled Substance,
  • Distribution and Trafficking,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Cultivation,
  • Possession,
  • Knowingly and intentionally possessed a controlled substance without a valid prescription

Ft Lauderdale is a summer hot spot for drug arrests and I am ready 24 hrs 7 days to help you. My approach to defending your drug crime charges is successful because i aggressively defend  your rights while the state attorney and prosecuter attempt to defend their point of view.