Drug Rehab Instead Of Jail- A Lauderdale Criminal Lawyer Discusses

Guy Seligman is a local criminal defense lawyer who will present alternatives for jail to the local prosecutors. By offering these alternatives we may be able to avoid having the charges filed. Many states are offering drug rehabilitation as a viable alternative to jail.

Fort Lauderdale Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison


You may have  entererd  the criminal justice system due to  illicit drug use. But,  drug addiction and abuse don’t go away while a person is in jail. We will be making the case that the underlying issues still remain and can make it harder for you to readjust to daily life after being released from prison.

In a recent article from Newsweek it was noted that  approximately one-half of the inmates in the U.S jails  have a history of substance abuse and/or addiction. That amounts to over 1 million persons. The Centers for Disease Control estimated   1.9 million people in jail  have used illicit drugs. Because drug use impairs your  cognition, decision-making abilities and inhibitions, the risk for committing crimes while under the influence is high. Rehabilitation for a first offender is certainly a better option. If you or a loved one has been arrested and has a history of drug abuse call me and perhaps we can find an alternative  to jail.

A list of local drug treatment centers can be found at http://treatment.psychologytoday.com/rms/state/FL/Fort+Lauderdale.html