Florida Criminal Appeals Bond, Florida Criminal Appeals Lawyer

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After  your conviction,you may ask the court for post-trial release by seeking an appeal bond.  While “appeal bond” or “supersedeas bond” are the most commonly used terms, “post-trial release” is the official term used in the rule.  Florida Statute section 903.132(3) prohibits the trial court from continuing the original bond into and through the appeal process.  The Florida Legislature has mandated a separate bond proceeding for detainees seeking an appeal in order “to reflect the increased risk and probability of longer time considerations.”

If you are seeking a criminal appeals bond or wanting to appeal your criminal conviction you will need an experienced criminal appeals lawyer. If you didnt receive the outcome you were hoping for at your sentencing and want to know how to appeal,call our criminal appeals hotline and speak to an experienced Florida criminal appeals lawyer.

What are your chances of winning a criminal appeal? Obviously,  that depends on the skill and strategy of the Florida criminal appeals attorney you hire to handle the appeal. Call us to discuss your chances and learn about the criminal appeals process. We are here 24hrs, 7 days and are ready to ansewer your questions. We believe justice is served to the community by the right criminal verdict but, justice can be served by fixing and getting an incorrect verdict overturned. A verdict is overturned by proving an error in the trial proceeding. If there was an error you deserve to have your justice. Your family deserves this as well. Call us now.