Florida Truck Driver License Suspension Lawyer

If you are a Trucker you know that a suspended license is time off the road. It can kill your chances of getting hired by a trucking company and your driving record is all you have. Let the Law office of Guy Seligman get you back on the road again. We may be able to get your drivers license record expunged as well

Guy Seligman ia a Florida Truck Driver Lawyer fighting to protect your CDL license and get you back into that rig again.

As a professional trucker, your livelihood depends on having a  clean driving record and a valid commercial drivers' license. Traffic violations that are an inconvenience for regular auto drivers can stop your livlihood in it's tracks.

Truck Driver Suspended License

Too many points on your driving record,outstanding judgements,failure to pay child support, out of permit violations, or misdemeanor speeding, or a DUI can get your CDL license suspended

A DUI conviction  could cause you to lose your CDL for a year. .

Out of State Violations and Out of State Drivers

If you are an out-of-state driver who got traffic tickets here in Florida, your home state will be notified through the national DMV exchange and your license could be suspended.  Guy Seligman can help you restore your drivers license.

If you're a Florida trucker who accumulated traffic violations in another state, you could be facing license suspension of your Florida commercial driver's license.