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Florida DUI Laws Provide For Severe Penalties For Drunk Driving

What Is A DUI Charge?
DUI is defined as  the "Driving Under the Influence of Alcoholic Beverages, Chemical Substances or Controlled Substance" s. as per 316.193, F.S.

DUI Penalties

  • DUI  Convictions can result in heavy  fines.
  • DUI convictions come with a mandatory 50 hours of community service or additional fine of $10 for each hour of community service required.
  • You may be required to serve a period of probation.
  • You may be required to serve time in jail
  • A DUI conviction may result in confinement in a residential alcoholism or drug abuse treatment program.
  • Your vehicle may become Impounded or  of Immobilized.
  • DUI misdemeanor conviction  may remain on your permanent record if there was damage to property or an accident
  • A  third degree DUI Felony Conviction may be imposed if you are a repeat offender or you have caused an accident Involving serious bodily Injury while you were impaired.
  • DUI/Manslaughter is a  Second Degree Felony that can result in  15 years imprisonment.
  • DUI Manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident   can result in 30 years imprisonment.
  • Vehicular Homicide is a  Second Degree Felony resulting in a $10,000 fine and/or 15 years imprisonment.
  • Your drivers license can be revoked

Other Penalties Include:

  • Completion of  a DUI school
  • Ignition interlock device required for two years.

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