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Guy Seligman is a Fort Lauderdale criminal appeals lawyer withover 25 years  experience in criminal appellate law. The criminal appeals process is a long a tedious undertaking and you will need a very experienced criminal appeals lawyer to make sure it is done correctly. The process must be meticulous with a complete analysis of the entire criminal proceeding. The Criminal Appeals Law Office of Guy Seligman covers the entire state of Florida including; Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Ft Myers and all of Florida.

You have thirty days from the date of the sentence to file your appeal.

We will be looking for a trial court "error".

Trial court "error" we are hunting for will have occurred  pre-trial, during the trial or sentencing proceedings. This begins with a complete analysis of the entire process.

Types of Florida  Criminal Appeals

  • Sentence reduction
  • Motion to withdraw plea
  • Motion to Vacate Judgment and Sentence
  • Motion to Correct an Illegal Sentence



The Appellate Procees Steps

  • Appellate Record.
  • Initial Brief.
  • Answer Brief.
  • Reply Brief.
  • Oral Argument.

After the briefs are filed and any argument completed, the entire Record and all filings are given to the three Judge panel. Now you must wait.

Bond While Waiting For the Appeal in Florida

 Florida law permits bond pending appeal

Court Ruling On Your Florida Criminal Appeal

Most of the District Courts throughout Florida issue opinions on Wednesdays and/or Fridays. 

What If It is Denied?

There are additional steps. Your Fort lauderdale Criminal appeals lawyer will explain. These include:procedures including a new trial, a new sentencing hearing, or it could be for the Trial Court to enter an Order dismissing your case.

It is best just to contact our office to get the procedure started, to have any questions anawered amd see if the criminal appeals process is right for you.

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