Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer Devotes Practice to First Time Offenders

Guy Seligman has been a well respected criminal defense lawyer in Broward County,Fort Lauderdale Florida since 1988. He has handled some complex criminal defense matters that run the gamut of Federal and State charges. Recently Guy has decided to concentrate his practice on first time offenders. According to Seligman"I do not like to see a young persons' career or future destroyed by one foolish mistake." "For many first time offenders,it is a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time or just being with the wrong crowd."The treatment of "first-time offenders" comes up quite often in my discussions with other lawyers, judges and the State attorney's office". Says Seligman.
Guy Seligman advocates that "first-time offenders" should receive more lenient treatment in criminal sentencing. Seligman further states," there is a big difference between first time convicted and first time offender.""My goal is to make sure a first time offender is never, a first time convicted."It appears very few serious criminals are caught after their first time. According to Seligman, there is a huge difference between a person with no prior felony convictions and a real first time offender. Many of the clients that Seligman represents are first time offenders who have no prior record.This is a passion for Seligman ,who does not want to see a young persons' life destroyed. He gives us an example of a young female client who was working her way thru school with a job as a server,taster of alcoholic beverages in a local Fort Lauderdale establishment. Her dream, according to Seligman was to become a doctor.
Seligman continues"A simple speeding ticket turned into an arrest when she requested the officers supervisor." "This quiet attractive young woman was hauled off to jail.""A criminal record would have destroyed her dream.""I was able to reach out to the prosecutor on the behalf of a true first offender successfully". Seligman further states" I have defended some tough criminal cases in my time but there is a sense of fulfillment in being able to save our young people futures." Seligman has seen first offenders turn into perpetual offenders when a first minor crime turns into a prison sentence. Guy Seligman is a criminal Defense lawyer in Downtown Fort Lauderdale with an excellent track record . He is respected by court officials, judges and his peers. Guy J. Seligman has worked as a prosecutor and defense attorney, 23 years experience. At this point in his career Seligman says"I would like to help put young people on the right path"." My heart goes out to a parent who sees their child a good kid get into trouble for the first time". What a refreshing combination, a strong aggressive criminal lawyer with a heart and the tenacity to stand behind his convictions.
Guy Seligman can be reached at or Seligman Guy J ESQ Atty, 320 SE 9th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Tel: 954-760-7600.

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