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Guy Seligman Has Over 3 Decades In The Fort Lauderdale Criminal Courts.

I Will Be Your  Ft Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer For All Criminal Charges, Felonies and Misdemeanors Including:

Domestic Violence
Driving Under Influence (DUI)
Drug Trafficking
Federal Offenses
Firearm Offenses
Sexual Abuse Charges
Juvenile Crimes
Violations of Probation
Vehicular Homicide
White Collar Crimes

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I got arrested in Fort Lauderdale,

I am  charged with hitting my spouse,
I am  charge of domestic violence,
I got arrested for pills,
I got arrested for weed/grass/marijuana,
My husband is the Fort Lauderdale  jail,
My wife got a busted,
I need a Ft Lauderdale  criminal lawyer for drug charges,
I cant afford to have a record,
I cant get a job because of my record,
I cant get a job because i have an open criminal case,
I need to drive but my license is suspended,
My license is suspended and i need to drive
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