Fort Lauderdale License Reinstatement Lawyer, Suspended License

Driving with a suspended license is a serious criminal charge but, if you have a Fort Lauderdale suspended license and need to get to work what can you do? That is what the drivers license reinstatement Law Office of Guy Seligman is all about. We have been helpling people with suspended licenses in Florida for almost three decades. We will explain your options to you and see if a hardship license is a possibilty.

Am I  Eligible for a Hardship License?

Let us make the process easier for you.

    First you must  register for a 12 Hour Florida driver improvement course and get your enrollment certificate. Next
    Get your 30 day driving record from your county clerk.
    Take both of these items to the DHSMV
    The hearing officer will give you your hardship license if you are eligible.

You can try to go thru this process yourself or you can let us use our years of experience to make sure you have your process in order.

There are  two kinds of hardship licenses.  You can get a hardship license for business purposes or employment purposes. We will review your situation and make a case as to which one is best for you and why. There are some details regarding your life situation that can help make the decision.

If you get caught driving on a suspended driver’s license it will make it more difficult for you to get reinstated. This will only make your situation worse. Retain Guy Seligman, your Fort Lauderdale license reinstatement lawyer to help you reinstate your license. This needs to be done very quickly if you have jsut been arrested.