Fraud Charges Lawyer

Fort Lauderdale Fraud Charges Lawyer

You can be charged with fraud if you  gained  something of value, usually money or property, from your victim by knowingly making a misrepresentation of a matter of fact. Fraud charges can occur in the buying or selling of property, particularly real estate and stocks, or in falsifying reports such as taxes and Medicare claims made to obtain benefits from the state or federal government.

Fraud itself is a  criminal charge. Additional related charges can include charges related to the  intent required to commit the crime.

Types of Fraud

  • identity theft,
  • credit card fraud,
  • telemarketing scams,
  • Ponzi schemes,
  • check fraud.
  • mail and wire fraud,
  • securities fraud,
  • embezzling funds,
  • selling trade secrets,
  • insurance fraud,
  • tax fraud
  • tax evasion,
  • counterfeiting,
  • healthcare fraud,
  • bankruptcy fraud,
  • Medicare and Social Security fraud, and welfare fraud.

Fraud is a felony charge and can fall under both state or federal jurisdiction. Speak to Guy Seligman today