Ft Lauderdale Criminal Appeals Lawyer, Get Your Criminal Verdict Overturned

Guy Seligman ia a criminal lawyer that can help you appeal your criminal verdict if you have been  wrongfully convicted, or your sentence Is unfair. This is a complex procedure and is best done by an experienced Ft Lauderdale criminal appeals lawyer.

You have a right to appeal your Fortt Lauderdale criminal verdict. In this criminal appeals process I will be looking for basic errors in the trial proceeding. That is the only way to appeal a verdict.

What are the errors that we investoigate for the criminal appeals process?

  • Fundamental Error
  • Harmful Error
  • Harmless Error
  • Invited Error

 The Reversible Error is the most important.
 it is  error which causes the appellate court to overturn the lower court's decision. This is what we hope to succeed at winning for you.

  • Procedural due process right is a key factor in an appeal
  • Substantive Due Process is another key factor

These are all terms I will expalin to you at our first meeting to discuss your criminal appeal.
The appeal process is time limited. You cannot have an appeal unless we take the first steps and the means calling the Ft Lauderdale ciminal appeals Law Office of Guy Seligman.