Ft Lauderdale Drug Possession, Drug Conspiracy, Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Arrested In Fort Lauderdale For:

Drug Trafficking,
Manufacturing of Drugs,
Possession and Delivery of Drug Paraphernalia,
Sale of Drugs,
Prescription drugs,
Grow House drug charges

If you are under arrest for any of the charges stated aboive speak to drug defense lawyer Guy Seligman.

I have a long track record in helpling people accused of:

Drug Possession · Drug Conspiracy · Drug Trafficking


Possession of Cocaine
Possession of Heroin
Possession Drug Parahernalia
Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Prescriptions

All State and Federal Drug Related Charges

Call Guy Seligman for Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine or Prescription Pill Criminal charges.
If you have been charged with possession of Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin or other illegal substance you
face jail.  The more serious the drug the more time. You need to speak to me right away

I am known in Fort Lauderdale for the  vigorous defense i have provided to  clients  charged with all types of federal drug crimes and drug-related crimes, including:

Manufacture of controlled substances and illegal drugs
Possession of chemicals for drug manufacturing
Drug possession,
Drug possession with intent to distribute,
Drug trafficking,
Drug importation and distribution,
Drug conspiracy,
Drug and money smuggling,
Money laundering