Ft Lauderdale DUI Lawyer, Criminal Attorney in Broward Counry, Florida

 Ft Lauderdale  Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been charged with a crime in  Ft Lauderdale or anyplace in Broward County, you need a serious and experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. Our criminal attorneys  over two decades of experience defending crimes ranging from drunk driving(DUI) to murder and vehicular manslaughter. If you are being questioned by the Broward County police, it is imperative that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately to protect your rights.


 Ft Lauderdale Criminal Defense Lawyer Fighting for Your Rights

When someone is charged with a crime in  Ft lauderdale, he or she faces the legal fight of a lifetime. Many people allow their fears and stress to dominate their judgment, and the result is that they don't take the steps necessary to protect their guaranteed legal rights and to build a strong defense. The Ft Lauderdale criminal lawyers of Guy Seligman Law understand this reality, and has successfully defended clients who have been faced a wide  range of serious criminal charges.

If you or a loved on it in trouble call us today.