Ft Lauderdale DUI Lawyer Discusses DUI Traffic Stops

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Florida law mandates severe penalties  if you are  convicted of drunk driving. .

What Is A Ft Lauderdale DUI Traffic Stop?

If a Ft Lauderdale  law enforcement officer  thinks  that you are driving under the influence of alcohol, you will be pulled over immediately. You will be asked to undergo a Field Sobriety Test. If you fail this test, you can be asked to submit to a simple breathalyzer test.
These Are  Ft Lauderdale  Facts
1. If you refuse to comply, your drivers license will be suspended for one year.

2. If you refuse to comply for a second time in your life, you will recieve an 18-month suspension and you may be charged with a misdemeanor.

If you are arrested for a DUI you need to call me right away. If you are a first time offender or professional we must act quickly.

Guy Seligman has over 25 years of experience helping local here in Ft Lauderdale and Broward County who have been arrested for a DUI/ Drunk Driving.