Ft Lauderdale Possession of Cocaine Charges?

Have You Been Arrested For Possession of Cocaine In Ft Lauderdale?

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I have over 25 years experience in defending drug charges. If you have been arrested for a drug crime, you will need an experienced  Ft Lauderdale cocaine possession, cocaine delivery, cocaine trafficking criminal defense lawyer.

Cocaine possession, Cocaine delivery, Cocaine trafficking, Under Florida Statute 893

The Ft Lauderdale state  will  seeks criminal sanction for possession of controlled substances under Florida statute 893. This will  begin with an indictment.

You can be criminally prosecuted by either the US government in federal court or in Florida  state court. Fort Lauderdale is the 17th judicial circuit.  When you are arrested in Fort Lauderdale for possession of cocaine will end up  in the Fort Lauderdale jail, and then be transferred to federal custody for federal prosecution for sale or distribution of a controlled substance.

What Does Possession Mean In Ft Lauderdale?
You must  have both actual knowledge of the controlled substance and physical possession or control. For possession of cocaine charges to hold the two elements  must be proven. I will be looking at the strength of the  case the state or federal government has against you in proving  both these elements. I will then look at your prior criminal arrests. We will discuss the best route to take in protecting your future and keeping you from serving a long jail sentence.

 These Two Elements Must be Proven To Make A  Criminal Case Against You

  • Knowledge Of Having The Cocaine
  • Control Of The Cocaine

Cocaine Criminal Charges I Have Defended Include

  • Sale and transfer of Cocaine.
  • Possession,  meaning having a personal use amount.
  • Delivery, meaning a transfer or attempted transfer of  the Cocaine
  • Manufacture, meaning  you can be convicted of preparation, compounding, cultivating or growing a controlled substance.   

You May Need A Criminal Lawyer Admitted To Practice Federal Court
Possession of cocaine or possession or possession of any controlled substances can be prosecuted under federal law in federal court.

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Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney  Guy Seligman can provide you with cocaine possession and delivery  criminal defense against the federal government.  Drug trafficking cases are serious.  They involve aspects which cross into many areas of Broward County criminal law.  Speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer now.