Get Your Florida Drivers License Fixed, Get Your Driving Record Cleaned

The Law Office of Guy Seligman has over 3 decades experience in getting drivers license records and CDL driving history cleaned up. Once you check with the  local Florida  Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see what convictions or citations it contains call us for a complete review of the situation. There are usually  driver improvement programs, defensive driver programs or traffic schools that you can attend in person or on the Internet to help clean your license. But, an experienced drivers license clean up team is your best bet.

Drivers License Clean Up Team

Once we review any traffic violation charges, we will see if there are grounds for fighting the mark against you.  Hiring an experienced attorney to represent you is your best bet.

 Always Drive Safe

Slow down, drive safely and keep your record clean. Many states reduce points from your record for good driving behavior over time. A bad driving record makes you more than a member of a large club. It's likely you'll pay significantly higher auto insurance rates. Fines for infractions and annual surcharges for drivers who have accumulated excessive penalty points can take a deep gouge out of your bank account. Prospective employers and other transportation licensing bodies can access your driving record. And having your license suspended can negatively impact your job and lifestyle. Getting your drivers license record cleaned up can have a significant impact on your life.