Getting Arrested In Ft Lauderdale Is No Laughing Matter

If a loved one has been arrested in Fort Lauderdale you are, most likely, extremely worried about their future. You are looking at all the criminal defense lawyer ads online and have no idea who to choose. Getting arrested in Fort Lauderdale is no laughing matter. You are now faced with which Ft Lauderdale criminal attorney to choose. You have to make the right decision. Your loved one's future depends on you.

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Deciding who is the best criminal lawyer in Fort Lauderdale is really up to you.  There are no special guidelines. Online, we  all look good. There is no official list of criteria for this label.  I have been in Fort Lauderdale, at this location for over 25 years. I have met many judges, prosecutors and police officers in these years. I believe I have an idea of how officials will view your husband, brother, boyfriend or father and the specific offense he is being accused of.

On January 8, 2013, Sheriff Scott Israel – a 30-year veteran South Florida law enforcement professional – was sworn into office as the 16th Sheriff of Broward County. Upon taking office as sheriff, he diversified the department, redirected BSO's mission to focus on reducing violent crime, keeping kids out of jail and addressing the disadvantaged members of our community, including the homeless and mentally ill. This frames the Broward County attitude towards crime.

Broward judges are very severe on certain crimes. Call me. Let's discuss the case and your loved one's future.

I have experience in defending just about every felony, misdemeanor, State or Federal charge.