Immigrant Arrested For A Suspended License? Immmigration and a Suspended License Criminal Charge

If you are an immigrant in this country and in Florida and you are arrested for driving with a suspended license you may be faced with some severe penalities.

A citation for driving  with a suspended or revoked driver license can be a  serious charge. Our experienced  suspended license team has the  knowledge needed to help you not only reduce the criminal charges but, under many circumstances get your license reinstated again.

We will review:

  •     Your driving record
  •     The initial cause of suspension or revocation
  •     The potential threat to your immigration status in the United States
  •     The state’s efforts to inform you of your suspension or revocation

Your Suspended License and Immigration Law

Undocumented citizens face additional challenges when issued a citation for operating while suspended or revoked. Whether you are an illegal immigrant, have overstayed your visa or are in the process of seeking citizenship, a court appearance for driving while suspended or revoked can be detrimental to your ability to remain in the United States.

Our knowledge of the criminal laws relating to driving while suspended or revoked, combined with our insight into the immigration law system, allow us to offer representation that may help you avoid removal from the country. By addressing both your criminal law and immigration law issues, we may even be able to help you file for a green card or permanent citizenship. In any case, attending a court hearing as an undocumented citizen without legal representation can lead to deportation proceedings and is not advised.

If you are an immigrant in Florida and caught driving with a suspended license contact the suspended license team at the Law Offices of Guy Seligman.