Juvenile Defense Lawyer, Dade, Broward, Palm Beach County Florida

Guy Seligman is a juvenile defense lawyer with over 3 decades experience defending minors accused of a crime. When your son or daughter is charged with a crime it is imperative to hire a juvenile criminal defense attorney who is experienced in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach family courts and juvenile court systems. Your juvenile lawyer should be knowledgeable about alternative punishments. Contact The Law Offices of Guy Seligman immediately to preserve your child’s rights. Consequences of adjudication in juvenile court can be serious and follow your child to adulthood.

Juvenile crime is on the rise and juvenile delinquency can be seen in the increasing incidence of runaways, teenage suicides, teenage parenthood, and peer pressure.  Children are spending more and more time in front of televisions, computers, and surfing the Internet. As a juvenile lawyer it is my duty to help your child get back on the right path.

Serving Dade County, Palm Beach County,  Broward County and the Greater Fort Lauderdale  area, the juvenile defense lawyers of The Law Offices of Guy Seligman have represented minors in every type of juvenile offense for over 3 decades including charges for:

  •     DWI, DUI, drunk driving, Driving while intoxicated
  •     Minor consumption of alcohol
  •     Drug possession or sale
  •     Possession of drug paraphernalia
  •     Selling  drugs at school
  •     False perscriptions
  •     Truancy
  •     Loitering
  •     Carrying a firearm to school
  •     Gang crimes
  •     Driving on a suspended license and other traffic violations
  •     Assault and battery, or domestic violence
  •     Rape, date rape 
  •     Sex offenses
  •     Shoplifting
  •     Burglary
  •     Property crimes

In Florida the goal of the juvenile justice system is not  necessarily to punish your child  but,  to rehabilitate him or her and to involve the juvenile's parents in the process.  While their are some overlapping areas between juvenile and adult law, and juveniles may be sentenced as adults for serious crimes, the state of Florida makes a number of important distinctions in juvenile law. 

Call us and we will explain the Florida juvenile laws to you and help you understand your options as a parent.