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Under Rule 9.145 of the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure a juvenile may appeal a delinquency conviction. The same rules of an adult criminal appeal process apply to juvenile appeals.

A juvenile may appeal:

  • An Order on a Motion filed after the delinquency hearing
  • An illegal disposition
  • Any other final order
  • An order withholding adjudication

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Florida Rules of Juvenile Appellate Procedure









9.145 Appeal Proceedings in Juvenile Delinquency Cases

(a) Applicability. Appeal proceedings in juvenile delinquency cases shall be as in rule 9.140 except as modified by this rule.

(b) Appeals by Child. To the extent adversely affected, a child or any parent, legal guardian, or custodian of a child may appeal
(1) an order of adjudication of delinquency or withholding adjudication of delinquency, or any disposition order entered thereon;
(2) orders entered after adjudication or withholding of adjudication of delinquency, including orders revoking or modifying the community control;
(3) an illegal disposition; or
(4) any other final order as provided by law.

(c) Appeals by the State.
(1) Appeals Permitted. The state may appeal an order
(A) dismissing a petition for delinquency or any part of it, if the order is entered before the commencement of an adjudicatory hearing;
(B) suppressing confessions, admissions, or evidence obtained by search and/or seizure before the adjudicatory hearing;
(C) granting a new adjudicatory hearing;
(D) arresting judgment;
(E) discharging a child under Florida Rule of Juvenile Procedure 8.090;
(F) ruling on a question of law if a child appeals an order of disposition;
(G) constituting an illegal disposition;
(H) discharging a child on habeas corpus; or
(I) finding a child incompetent pursuant to the Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure.

(2) Non-Final State Appeals. If the state appeals a pre-adjudicatory hearing order of the trial court, the notice of appeal must be filed within 15 days of rendition of the order to be reviewed and before commencement of the adjudicatory hearing.
(A) A child in detention whose case is stayed pending state appeal shall be released from detention pending the appeal if the child is charged with an offense that would be bailable if the child were charged as an adult, unless the lower tribunal for good cause stated in an order determines otherwise. The lower tribunal retains discretion to release from detention any child who is not otherwise entitled to release under the provisions of this rule.
(B) If a child has been found incompetent to proceed, any order staying the proceedings on a state appeal shall have no effect on any order entered for the purpose of treatment.

(d) References to Child. The appeal shall be entitled and docketed with the initials, but not the name, of the child and the court case number. All references to the child in briefs, other papers, and the decision of the court shall be by initials.

(e) Confidentiality. All papers shall remain sealed in the office of the clerk of court when not in use by the court, and shall not be open to inspection except by the parties and their counsel, or as otherwise ordered.

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