Local Criminal Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale

If you have been arrested or accused of a crime in Fort Lauderdale, it is important to hire a local criminal lawyer who knows the Broward County judges, state attorney, and police attitude toward the specific charges you are being accused of. You want your arrest, not to result in criminal charges. We want to avoid charges being filed in the first place.

First, we have to consider if this is a charge prosectors are really interested in filing. A local criminal lawyer will know the history of your charges in Fort Lauderdale and if charges have been frequently filed for this.  We will also need to look at the officers history and the complete process of the arrest . If there was a  police error and  the prosecution lacks enough admissible evidence to make a criminal charge stick, the charge may not  be brought in the first place.

Some  prosecutors will decide that a basically good person made a stupid mistake that shouldn’t result in a consequence as severe as a criminal charge.  That is where a local lawyer has an advantage. A criminal lawyer who has been in the local Fort Lauderdale criminal justice  system for a long time knows the prosecutors and their general attitude. I have been practicing criminal law in Broward County for over 25 years.

If you have been charged with a local crime, get a local criminal lawyer