Medicare Fraud is Rampant in Broward County, Medicare Fraud lawyer

As a Doctor, chiropractor, MRI Center  or rehabilitation facility, pharamacist in Broward County Florida you are dealing with medicare billing all the time. It is tempting to “push the system a little”. However there is a fine line here , when Medicare fraud kicks in. if you are accused of Medicare Fraud your entire future and profession is at stake. You will need a talented medicare fraud lawyer to get you off the hook on this one.

Medicare Fraud Defense Attorney Ready to Help You

Guy Seligman is an experienced medicare fraud lawyer. The government does not look favorably on medicare fraud. You are facing some pretty hefty jail time. This is not the time to be shopping for the best deal. You need experience and you need it fast.

If you own a medicare rehabilitation facility or nursing home, are a local physician or heath care provider your practice can closed down. This mark will be on your professional license forever. The local papers will be on it fast and your reputation will be severely damaged. You need to get expert advise quickly. Call the law office of Guy Seligman. With over 23 years in Broward county he will know the best route to take in your defense. Medicare fraud is no laughing matter.

Medicare Fraud includes:

  • Fraudulent billing
  • Unauthorized billing
  • False claims
  • Over-billing
  • False billing