Miami Juvenile Defense Lawyer

This  Miami juvenile lawyer is here for you 24hrs, 7 days and his name is Guy Seligman. Guy has been helping parents of minors convicted of a crime for over 3 decades.

What Will Happen If Your Child Is Arrested?

Your child's criminal case for children will be  referred to the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice for evaluation and punishment determination. The first step is usually detention screening using a method of risk assessment, whereby a juvenile may be placed in secure detention while awaiting a hearing with a judge. In many cases, a child may be ordered to do a home detention program under the supervision of a parent or guardian. For youths who are deemed to be at risk for repetitive crimes, a residential or non-residential correctional program may be mandatory.

However, if we get there fast enough and your child is a first defender we may be able to avoid the prosecution of the crime. There are many alternatives we can offer to help your child not have a criminal arrest record on his or her back. If your juvenile  child is convicted of a felony in Florida it will remain on  their criminal record for the rest of their life.

Don't let that happen. Call me now. We are here 24hrs, 7 days.