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Getting your drivers license suspended in Miami  Florida is a serious situation.

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There Are Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License

If you drive on a suspended license you could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony and end up with some serious jail time.
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If you have beien charged with a felony for driving on a suspended license, you  must  speak to  an experienced criminal attorney  fast.
You May Be Able To Obtain a Restricted License or what is known as a Hardship License

 A hardship license  will allow you to drive to and from work. Whether you qualify depends on many factors and having a good lawyer argue on your behalf.


Why is my Miami  driver’s license suspended?

Some of the reasons that  your driver’s license can be suspended are:

Child Support Delinquency
Habitual Traffic Offender  .
Violation Resulting in Death or Personal Injury
Failure to Comply with Traffic Summons or Pay a Fine
Getting Too Many Points on your driving record
Refusing a Blood Alcohol Test
Lacking Florida Insurance
Ignoring Your Traffic Tickets
Having a DUI conviction
Failing to appear in court or not paying a fine
Failing to pay for child support
Having too many traffic violations within a specific amount of time
Driving while under the influence
Getting convicted of a drug offense
Failing to appear in court or respond to a citation
Drinking before the age of 21
Refusing a chemical test like a breathalyzer
Vehicular homicide or hit and run
Fraudulent use of, or application for, a license
Attempting to elude an officer or flee from an officer

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