Parole Violation Lawyer

After being released from prison you are placed on parole.  During the parole  you have been required to comply with certain terms and conditions.  Consequences for failure to comply with these terms and conditions depends upon the type of violation that occured and the decision of the parole officer and parole board.

The First Step Is Your  Preliminary Hearing
A warrant is issued for his arrest if he is not already in custody. A preliminary hearing is then conducted. At this hearing, an officer or officers from the parole board who aren’t associated with the parolee’s case will attend and review the  evidence regarding whether a parole violation actually occurred.

Step Two The Parole Revocation Hearing
Your parole may be pulled back and you could go back to jail.

Whether a parole board will revoke parole or take some other administrative action typically depends on the nature and severity of the parole violation.

You Should have A Lawyer To Help Defend Against an Alleged Parole Violation
Showing that no violation is  your  best course of action, since then  you can  walk away with no consequences at all.

Speak To A Parole Violations Lawyer

I will determine how to defend against the violation and what the best course of action is to avoid going back to jail.