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Guy Seligman can help Truckers get back on the road. Expungment of criminal and driving record for truckers in Florida or with a Florida conviction

How to Expunge a Commercial Driver DAC ?, Get an experienced expungement lawyer and get it done right.

A DAC report is essentially an employment record for commercial drivers (truckers). A DAC report contains a variety of information, including previous employment, accidents, tickets, drug test results and criminal convictions. A criminal conviction such as driving while intoxicated or reckless driving can seriously affect a trucker’s ability to gain employment. To expunge (erase or remove from public access) a conviction from a DAC report, the driver must successfully expunge the conviction from the original court records.

Get an experienced Trucker lawyer to help you get a copy of original judgment of conviction. Lets face it , you are on the road all over the country. If Florida is not your home state this may be a tiresome and lengthy task. Why not get an experienced CDL or drivers license claean up lawyer like Guy Seligman to help you.

Guy Seligman will research the statutes in t Florida where you received the conviction to determine whether you are eligible for expungement.

Retain an experienced Trucker lawyer like Guy Seligman to help you and prepare the petition to expunge . Go it alone ? Sure and take a chance on your driving again? Why ?

Guy Seligman will  file  the petition with the clerk of the original Florida  court where you were convicted. In some states the expungement is automatic if you meet the statutory qualifications. In other states you must appear for a hearing after filing the petition. In that case, the judge will have discretion to either grant or deny the petition. Again this may not be so easy if you are hundreds of miles away and do not know the ropes in the state of issue. Guy Seligman will help you in Florida.

You can order a free copy of your DAC once you have successfully expunged the conviction to verify that it no longer shows on your DAC record. Once a conviction has been expunged it cannot be reported on your DAC. You are entitled to a free DAC report once a year and may request a report from HireRight online.

What a relief when you can do this. Call Guy Seligman today