What Does a Fort Lauderdale Juvenile Defense Lawyer Do?

A Fort Lauderdale juvenile defense lawyer  defends juveniles accused of a crime. We represent juveniles in criminal matters, and  have experience and knowledge of the law as it applies to minors.

If your child has been arrested a juvenile lawyer will offer a specific defense as it applies to a juvenile crime, the attorney needs to have an understanding of the legal system as it applies to minors.

A juvenile lawyer should have a basic understanding  of social work and  psychology. Many juvenile include family and friends and  emotionsare high. A juvenile  attorney will have experience working with adolescents, and be able to quickly calm  tense situations.and offer alternatives. The most important criteria when choosing a juvenile defense lawyer is the level of experience they have in defending children. The Law Office Of Guy Seligman P.A has over 3 decades experience defending children who have made a mistake and gone off the path.

Juvenile Practice Areas

  •     Juvenile Sex Crimes
  •     Assault
  •     Drug Charges
  •     Burglary
  •     Truancy
  •     Bringing a weapon to school
  •     Domestic Violence
  •     Minor DUI
  •     MIP
  •     Theft or Shoplifting
  •     Date Rape
  •     Ecstasy
  •     Carrying a concealed weapon
  •     Suspended drivers license or learners permit
  •      Gang Crimes
  •     Malicious Mischief
  •     Vandalism

Call Guy Seligman to defend your child and rest assured you are in good hands. We will do everything in our power to keep you child out of a juvenile detention center.