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Criminal Appeals Lawyer: MIami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Tampa, Ft Myers, Orlando, Port St Lucie, Pensacola, Panama City, Tallahassee and all of Florida.   The Fort Lauderdale, Broward County criminal appellate lawyer Guy Seligman announces he is reviewing  criminal cases where blood evidence against a citizen relied on the Broward Medical Examiner's lab work. According to Guy" the lab work may not be scientifically validated and  citizens who have open cases have the absolute right to challenge the evidence collected against them,  and cases going back decades may be able to have verdicts overturned"."

" Re-opening cases and undoing convictions based on bad lab work in Broward, Fort Lauderdale  may be possible""This seems to be limited to Broward and not the nearby counties of Dade and Palm Beach "says Seligman. Guy Seligman has been  a criminal  and criminal appeals lawyer in Fort Lauderdale for almost three decades.

Guy has reiviewed communications with the Broward County Medical Examiners office and their procedures with respect to the testing of bodily fluids. " If you had a case in Broward in the past …years, where your client's or witnesses bodily fluids were sent to the Medical Examiners.'s office for testing of a controlled substance, etc, there may be new information that you could use to request a new trial, etc. This could affect DUI's, DUI manslaughter's and any other case where they tested for a controlled substance."

My question of their expert in any case is logical:  "Can you state with any degree of scientific certainty that the test results in this case are accurate?"   After the above statement, how could they answer yes in a deposition, hearing or trial? without the whole story coming out? According to Guy "1000's of cases may be effected." The law office has launched a special campaign in light of this new finding and  consider on a case by case basis if in fact convicted felons could get their verdict overturned.
This new information presented states that the new Medical Exaimner, De Craig Mallak has ordered the investigation of all testing of bodily fluids that were conducted during the past 10 years. (i.e., under the previous administration). According to Seligman," this new information does not suggest that the actual results reported were inaccurate; but that the methods used to extract the information were not previously scientifically validated."
This opens up some very important arguments that may support getting a criminal verdict overturned. Anyone with questions as to whether or not this can work for them in getting their particular sentence over turned should call The Law Office of Guy Seligman at  954 760-7600 and request a free review of your case.